Department of Chemistry





Department Profile

Established: 1997-98

History of the Department

                 The Department of Chemistry was established in the year 1997 for promotion of Chemistry, creating environmental consciousness and promoting green aspects of chemistry education. The department has been a cornerstone of scientific education, fostering a culture of excellence in  teaching, and innovation. Our students are mostly drawn from Kalyandurg town and surrounding rural areas. The department has been taking bold initiatives with full time professional programs to suit the requirements of student community and make them confident in facing the challenges of the ever-changing scenario of the present world.

                   The department is providing quality education through personalized approach. It is striving to bring about all-round development among students through creativity and imparting practical oriented and communication skills and character building. As a result, students are continuously excelling in academic and co-curricular activities. Our students are not only academically proficient but also good in extra-curricular activities.

  • Initially, the Department of Chemistry started with B.Sc (TM) programme from 1997 with Mathematics-Physics-Chemistry combination and Botany-Zoology-Chemistry combination.
  • In its early years, the department laid the foundation for a comprehensive understanding of the principles of chemistry. Pioneering educators and researchers joined forces to create a dynamic learning environment, inspiring countless students to explore the wonders of the molecular world. Over the years, the department has evolved to embrace advancements in the field, incorporating cutting-edge research and technology into its curriculum.
  • The Department of Chemistry has 03 faculty members. Among these faculty members, there are 01 Doctorate, 03 M.Phil. Degree holders, 1 APSET Qualified and  01 currently pursuing Ph.D.,
  • The department has dedicated, motivated and enthusiastic group of faculty members actively involved in both teaching and research.
  • The faculty members are actively involved in Curricular activities like resource persons, Paper setters and examiners, Board of Study members for other colleges etc. and Co-curricular activities like Student seminars, Guest Lectures, Group discussions, quiz programs etc.


Dr. T. Sailaja Rani

Department Incharge 

Phone: 9491832898