Principal Message

Principal’s Message

        I am pleased to reflect on the achievements and growth of S.V.G.M Government Degree College. Since its establishment in 1984, our college has been dedicated to providing value-based and quality education to the local community. Our mission is not only to impart knowledge but also to nurture fine human beings as well as producing best human resources capable of facing the challenges of the present scenario.

      As educators, we recognize the importance of incorporating activities that contribute to the all-round development of each student. In the fast-paced world we live in, preparing our students for the globalized landscape is a significant challenge (Self Made Man). Amidst our efforts to equip young minds for the global market, it's crucial to acknowledge and celebrate the individuality and special skills of each student.

        As facilitators, our role is to encourage every student to cultivate their unique interests and talents. Success comes in various forms, and it's essential to recognize that each student may achieve it differently. Our college strives to be a place where diversity is celebrated, and every individual is given the opportunity to flourish in their chosen field.

        I urge all students to actively participate in college activities. Your involvement is integral to the vibrant and enriching atmosphere on our campus. In every field, give your best effort, and success will follow. Remember, no one can hinder your success when you consistently strive for excellence.

        I am delighted to share that this year has been particularly significant, with all our class students achieving success and passing with flying colors. Additionally, the introduction of "SMART CLASS" for all students marks a milestone in our commitment to embracing modern educational tools. I express my sincere gratitude to the higher authorities particularly Commissioner of Collegiate Education, Andhra Pradesh for their unwavering support and cooperation, without which such advancements would not be possible.

        With the grace of the Almighty and the collective hard work of our students and staff, I am confident that our college will continue to grow in all aspects in the years to come. Let us work together, support one another, and build a future where S.V.G.M Government Degree College remains a beacon of knowledge, innovation, and excellence.

Other Student / Faculty Centric Links :

Dear Students / Staff members here I am providing quick links for your usefulness / convenience.

Our Commissioner Sir particularly concentrated on student development and hassle free curriculum flow in colleges.  For that achievement developed multiple platforms ie., web based / app based (through mobile phones)   to interact / contact the higher officials directly.  

1. For Grievance :   web link to lodge any grievances here.

2.  F – Map : for Cashless transactions and pool proof fees Structure and convenient access sake mobile application (app).  

Link :

3. I-Map : for Internship students / Mentors / Faculty / Industrial Trainers sake developed a special software as I-MAP application (app).

APP link :

4. CCE OTLP app : this software helps faculty / Principal to maintain timetable / classes and upload the same.   As well it calculates teacher performance

App link :